ATM Profit Calculator

Purchasing or leasing an ATM for your business is a great move - convenience for both guests & customers, and a new revenue stream for you! Give us a call at (800) 603-6259 if you have any questions. Be sure to ask about our FREE ATM placement program as well!

Enter your information in the form below to make all calculations. Information collected is used solely for the purpose of providing ATM processing quotes. It is never sold or shared with a third party.

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Enter daily foot traffic to business

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Enter the percent of customers that will use the ATM:
(Industry statistics indicate on average, 3%-5%)

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Enter the  surcharge paid to the store owner on an ATM transaction:  $
(The merchant surcharge varies if the machine is placed or split.)

Estimated Profits

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Daily Surcharge Revenue:          

Monthly Surcharge Revenue:    

Yearly Surcharge Revenue: