About CTI

CalTel, Inc. (CTI) was founded in 1993 by Larry Scott and Carol Newman. The original vision for CTI was to become one of the largest Public Payphone providers in the Southeast. That vision quickly became a reality with the company managing thousands of Payphones throughout the Carolinas and Southern States. With an ever-changing marketplace and new challenges on the horizon, CTI entered the automated teller machine (ATM) industry in 1999. CTI owns and manages over six hundred ATM machines in the Southeast. With a state of the art data center and full service department we expertly carry out our goal of increasing profitability for our clients.

CTI continuously evolves and adapts to market trends, while providing our customers with the most cutting-edge technology available. Our client list is diverse and varied. CTI provides services to Local and State Government, Lodging and Hospitality, Convenience Stores, Arcades, Night Clubs, and many other industries. CTI can assist virtually any operation that wishes to improve performance and profitability.

​ Our commitment is to provide outstanding customer service while exceeding your expectations. CTI is smart money, made simple.